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ADVFN’s Follow Feed aiming to give stock market investors their own big picture fast


Follow Feed from ADVFN (AFN) is designed to cut out market data overload to deliver the most vital and pertinent stocks information to private investors.

The newly launched free service highlights key events specifically for the stocks users want to know about. As investors browse the whole market, Follow Feed allows them to collect up the stocks that interest them; ADVFN’s algorithms do the rest.
Presented in a straightforward timeline style and in a familiar social media format of news feeds, Follow Feed lets investors know up-to-the-minute about: Price breakouts; High volume trades; Order book activity; News; Regulatory announcements; Broker ratings; and Stock chat comments and traffic.
Users can watch their full universe of global stocks with new events appearing at the top of their Follow Feed page as they happen in real time. They can easily look back through the feed list’s timeline to see what has already occurred. Headlines of all the reports appear at the top of a single updating list, which users can keep an eye on, so they never forget or lose track of the key stocks they are interested in.
Investors only need to tag a company once by clicking the Follow Feed button on a quote, news article or other ADVFN page and the share will be tracked forever by ADVFN’s algorithms. An investor no longer has to patrol the market for changes in the shares they care about. Instead they can sit back and survey exactly the market action they want to see, as it happens.
“Follow Feed is like the Facebook of finance; it is a breakout technology, easy-to-use and presented in a clear and concise format,” says Clem Chambers, CEO of ADVFN. “Follow Feed cuts through the noise to keep investors one step ahead.”

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