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Scientific Beta and JP Morgan combine their capabilities to offer tools for portfolio completeness

Latest news from Scientific Beta and JP Morgan is that they have come together to create a new set of solutions for institutional investors to access single factor indices for portfolio completeness purposes.

Scientific Beta was setup by the academic establishment EDHEC-Risk Institute in 2013 and, as of June 30, 2019, there was USD48 billion in assets replicating Scientific Beta indices, with 35 per cent of these assets under replication ESG-compliant and over 3,000  asset owners and asset managers are using Scientific Beta’s smart beta indices to benchmark or analyse smart beta strategies.

Benjamin Herzog, Deputy Head of Business Development at Scientific Beta, says that they now see a market which has matured with more than half of asset owners actively using smart beta in their investment approach, but feels that it is hard for investors to assess what they are really exposed to .
Scientific Beta provides a unified framework to analyse a portfolio comprising a range of products from various providers. It then becomes possible to improve the factor diversification and the robustness of such existing portfolio through a completeness approach. Investors may implement this approach by combining Scientific Beta’s analytical expertise with JP Morgan’s implementation capabilities.

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