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Simplify adds three funds to its suite of equity ETFs offering downside convexity in the US

ETF issuers Simplify Asset has announced the start of trading for three new funds  designed to highlight the firm’s leadership in delivering sophisticated exposures with downside convexity.

Launching today are: The Simplify US Small Cap PLUS Downside Convexity ETF (RTYD); The Simplify Developed Ex-US PLUS Downside Convexity ETF (EAFD); and The Simplify Emerging Markets PLUS Downside Convexity ETF (EMGD).

In each case, the fund’s respective core holdings are delivered via cost-effective index exposure. A modest option overlay budget is then deployed into a series of options positions for each ETF that create downside convexity. The goal in each case is to provide investors with the opportunity for capital appreciation while also potentially boosting performance during extreme selloffs via the systematic options overlay.

“Equity and convexity were the focus of the first funds we brought to market in late 2020 and we’ve been thrilled with the response from investors and advisors who have gravitated to the twin goals these funds have of allowing performance participation on the upside and convex equity payoffs on the downside,” says Paul Kim, CEO & Co-Founder of Simplify. “Adding to our suite of equity and convexity ETFs has continued to be one of our main goals, and we’re very pleased to be launching RTYD, EAFD and EMGD.

“Global market volatility is likely to remain a fact of investors’ lives for the foreseeable future, amidst geopolitical uncertainty, diverging Central Bank policies, inflation concerns and a number of other key factors,” says Kim. “With these new funds and others already in our fund family, we’re working to provide a complete toolset for investors in domestic and international equities to build and maintain a diversified portfolio with added opportunity for downside convexity.”

RTYD, EAFD and EMGD join a Simplify ETF lineup that recently crossed the USD1 billion mark. 

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