etfexpress 05/11/20

This week’s edition of the ETF Express newsletter carries an interview with the UK’s Sparrows Capital, Mark Northway detailing their approach to offering model portfolios, now with added ESG, entirely invested in ETFs and index funds. Asked if ESG is a factor or a filter, Northway says: “Our clear recommendation to an investor is to assume it is a filter. Investors should adopt socially responsible investing for reasons of conscience rather than in expectation of improved performance.”

We also had a conversation with Defiance ETFs’ president, Paul Dellaquila, on the launch of their Spacs ETF SPAK which keeps them up in the innovative, first mover territory that they are most comfortable with. Interest in Spacs shows no sign of falling off and this ETF is designed to give an investor access to this growth area.

Rareview Capital is a firm that focuses on goals-based investment, and Neil Azous, Founder & CIO, explains that this approach lies behind the launch of their first two ETFs, seeking to provide yield from active portfolios based on fixed income closed ended funds.

The Index Industry Association has published its fourth survey of global indices and, again, ESG wins out, with a 40 per cent growth in the number of ESG indices over the year. The association’s CEO Rick Redding comments: “Indices today are sophisticated representations of markets covering a wide spectrum of asset classes and investment themes, and an integral piece of the global investor’s toolkit.” 

Beverly Chandler
Managing Editor, ETF Express

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