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ETF Express US Awards 2021

ETF Express US Awards Insight Report 2021

ETF Express is proud to bring you the best of the best in the US ETF industry with interviews and profiles of the winners from our US Awards 2021. These ETF issuers and service providers are celebrated for their part in the success of 2021, which has been a year of rapid growth in assets in the ETF industry globally and in the US particularly.

ETF Awards Europe 2021

ETF Express Awards European Winners 2021

The ETF Express European Review 2021 contains interviews with some of the winners in the eleventh annual European ETF awards, detailing a difficult but ultimately successful year for the industry.

ETF Global Outlook 2021

ETF Global Outlook 2021

Read the ETF Express Global Outlook 2021 to find out the views of global investors who invest billions of dollars in the ETF industry. What will happen to assets, what trends will continue to strengthen, what new areas will see growth?

ETF Indices in Focus 2020

ETF Indices in Focus 2020

Indices underpin all investment whether in their role as benchmarks, performance measurers or the framework on which all index investing is based. Read ETF Express’s Index Report to find out latest research and views on this most fundamental of sectors.

Fixed Income ETFs in Focus 2020

Fixed Income ETFs in Focus 2020

Fixed income ETFs have seen assets rise in what has been a transformative year for the sector. Read the ETF Express Fixed Income Special Report for insights from the key players in the fixed income ETF arena.

JP Morga ETF Study

JP Morgan Asset Management Global ETF Study 2020

With responses from over 300 professional investors globally, the JP Morgan Asset Management Global ETF Study 2020 reveals all the latest ETF investment trends.

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